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kb-3061 Hopi Yellow Corn Maiden by the famous Dewangyumptewa
Hopi Yellow Corn Maiden Kachina
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The Hopi Yellow Corn Maiden kachina was hand carved and signed by the famous Hopi artist Dewangyumptewa, who is a member of the Hopi Tabacco clan. The Yellow Corn Maiden kachina represents a Hopi prayer for an abundant corn crop. The base of the doll features two Long Hair Kachinas, whose flowing hair represents the rain, and a Hopi basket to hold the corn. Made of cottonwood root, the kachina stands 8 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches wide.----- In the spring the Hopi hold the Niman ceremony on the First Mesa, where the Yellow Corn Maiden kachina (Takursh Mana) appears in dances with other Kachinas such as the Long Haired kachinas pictured at her feet. They dance in a line separate from other dancing kachinas, but follow the same pattern of turns and gestures. The Yellow Corn Maiden does make one different move. She kneels and places a large gourd on the ground to rasp. She usually carries a scapula and a notched stick, which produce a sound with different tones like a music instrument.----- The Long-Haired kachinas or Tawa Angak'china positioned at the base, are most favored by Hopis because they represent needed rainfall. The kachina dancers who imitate them at dances in the spring sing melodious songs and perform beautiful dances.
kb-3067 Hopi Made Butterfly Mana Kachina- Signed
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The Hopi Butterfly Mana Kachina was hand carved, painted and signed by Hopi Native American Thomas Pashano. The Poli Taka or Butterfly is an impersonating Kachina. Insects and reptiles are an important part of Hopi traditions. The Poli Taka is usually played or portrayed by a male in the Butterfly Social Dance. Orginally the Kachina did not have wings, but over time the wings wear added onto the doll to increase its popularity. Like most Kachina's the Poli Taka or butterfly functions to bring rain and crops to the earth. Made from cottonwood root, it stands 12 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide.
kb-3092 Hopi Made Corn Kachina- Signed
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Corn Kachina is hand carved and painted by Hopi Native American Josh Huma. The Corn Katsinam are the most common of the plant impersonators. The Corn Katsinam appear during winter kiva dances and springtime plaza dances. Several types of Corn Katsinam represent the different varieties of corn given as presents during during performances. These Katsinam come in the four colors of corn (the four directional colors--red, yellow, blue and white). Sometimes they have the ears of corn painted on their masks, other times they have spots painted on their bodies that represent kernals of corn. Made of cottonwood root it stands 11 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide.
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Apache Warrior of the Black Bear
Warrior kachina's head
Warrior of the
Black Bear Kachina
by Robert Cruz
Below:Warrior without mask
The Warrior: "I do not seek you
out, yet I see you. I keep my
distance, yet you do not. I leave and
you follow. Do you not see I give
you respect? You do not. Must I
shed my skin and force you back?"
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kr-2001 Out of Stock -- Black Bear Kachina
The Warrior of the Black Bear kachina was handmade and signed by kachina artist Robert Cruz. The Warrior wears real fur clothing and a fur shoulder wrap for additional warmth. He has long bear claws and a removable bear mask made with oven baked clay. He carries a wooden spear with fur. The base is topped with crushed cocao seeds. 11 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches wide.
kb8909 Native American Cohonino Kachina
Cohonino kachina is handmade and signed by Navajo artist L. Livingston. It is composed of cottonwood with a leather skirt and shoes, turquoise beads, shells, fur and feathers. 10 inches tall. Shipping is Free.
kb8910 Out of Stock Hummingbird Kachina
The hummingbird kachina doll represents beauty, healing with flowers, happiness, sunshine and enjoyment, as well as protection for the environment. It is hand made and signed by Navajo Indian Larry Livingston. Livingston created it with cottonwood, leather, beads and bird feathers. 10 inches tall. Shipping is free.
kb8911 Navajo Makto Rabbit Stick Kachina
Beautiful Makto "Rabbit Stick Kachina" is believed to increase hunting success. Handmade by Navajo artist L. Livingston from cottonwood with leather skirt and shoes, turquoise beads, shells, fur and feathers. 10" tall. Shipping is Free.
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