kb-3063 Out of Stock -- Navajo Indian Eagle Kachina Doll
Made and signed by Navajo Indian Larry Livingston this eagle kachina doll is handmade with wood, leather and bird feathers. 9 inches x 14 inches. Shipping is free.
kb-3080 Corn Boy Kachina- Signed
Corn Boy Kachina handmade of wood, leather, fur and feathers and signed by Navajo artist Thompson. The Corn Boy Kachina aids in the pollenization and production of corn, a very important food. 6 inches by 3 inches wide.
kb-3081 Out of Stock - Kachina
Gray Wolf Kachina handmade and signed by Navajo artist Largo. He is wooden with fur, leather and feathers. The Wolf Kachina is considered a great pack hunter who helps and guides the hunters on large combined hunts. After the dances the wolf is offered gifts so the tribe may learn from him and secure game on their hunt. 7 1/2 inches.
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Click Image to See Enlarged Photo
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White Wolf
Kachina Doll by
Navajo Artist
Sunface Kachina Doll by Native American Navajo Jacida Loley
Sunface Kachina Doll
by Navajo Artist Loley
Click Image to See Enlarged Photo
Click Image to See Enlarged Photo
kb-2019 SOLD--- Navajo Butterfly Dancer
The Butterfly Kachina Dancer was made and signed by Navajo Native American artist Ina James. It is decorated with leather, feathers and fur. She wears a white fur ruff around her neck. The tabletta on her head symbolizes rain clouds. The Butterfly Kachina brings together married men and women. Butterfly Kachinas appear as a pair during the butterfly social dance. Butterfly also directs the medicine man to ingredients in flowers and other plants which can be used in medicine. 7 3/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.
Shipping is Free
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kb-3071 Yellow Hen Eyes Kachina Doll- Signed
Navajo Native American artist Albert Chavez made this colorful Yellow Hen Eyes Kachina Dancer. Beautifully carved and painted wood this kachina is decorated with cloth, leather, feathers and fur. 8 inches x 3 inches wide.
12kb117 Laguna Corn Kachina
The Laguna Corn kachina is handcrafted from wood, leather, feathers and paint. This Kachina Doll brings rain and helps to bring in a good corn crop, which was a food staple for the Hopi. Made and signed by a Navajo kachina artist, 7.25 inches tall. Shipping is Free.
kb-3001 Navajo Wolf Kachina- Hand Carved- Signed
This handmade Wolf kachina is carved from natural aspen wood and signed by the Navajo artist, Jacida Loley. It is decorated with natural fur, leather, and feathers. 8 3/4 X 3 inches.
kr2011 Out of Stock -- Peacemaker Kachina Doll
Peacemaker kachina doll was handmade and signed by kachina artist Robert Cruz. The Peacmaker carries a peacemaker pipe and wears a real black leather hood, red wool clothing and leather moccasins, and a brown leather cape. The base is topped with small pebbles and artificial grass. 13 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide.