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kb-2013 Hopi Sohanasomtaka Kachina Cradle Doll- Vincent Seckletstewa
The Hopi Sohanasomtaka (Warrior Woman), Kachina cradle doll was handcarved from cottonwood root and signed by Hopi Native American Vincent Seckletstewa. It is a traditional Hopi Cradle Doll which is given to young girls in the Hopi Indian tribe, starting when they are infants. As they get older girls are given bigger, more elaborate dolls. Cradle Dolls are made so that they can be hung on the child's wall. 11 1/2 inches tall. The kachina is hand made by Vincent Seckletstewa, a Hopi artist who carves his Kachinas with love in the traditional Hopi way. It is signed by Vincent, and Hopi.
This is a traditional Hopi Cradle
kachina doll, handmade by Hopi
artist Vincent Sohanasomtaka.  
Cradle kachina dolls are given
to Hopi Indian girls when they
are babies.

The kachina doll is considered to be an
actual child in the Hopi household.
Children are encouraged to play with the
doll as though it was a little brother or
sister.  Girls are given 2 dolls each year
until they are grown.

In some Navajo and Apache Indian groups
kachinas are considered sacred, placed on
shelves and sprinkled with corn meal, or
adorned with sacred medicine roots.
kb-2014 Out of Stock -- Chasing Star Kachina- Navajo
Chasing Star Kachina was hand made by S. Thompson, a Navajo Native American artist. He is decorated with fur and feathers, He wears a white fur ruff around the neck. The Chasing Star Kachina catches the falling stars which represents falling souls and brings them back up to the heavens. The Chasing Star Kachina also symbolizes the planets and the stars. 6 3/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.
kb-2015 Out of Stock -- Sunset Crater Kachina
Sunset Crater Kachina Dancer was hand made by Navajo artist Ina James. The kachina's name comes from a story handed down that tells of his dancing so vigorously he formed Sunset Crater, which is in Northern Arizona. 6 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide.
kb-2016 Navajo Owl Kachina- Signed
Handcrafted from natural aspen wood, this beautiful Owl Kachina was made and signed by Native American Navajo artist Jacida Joley. It was decorated with natural fur, feathers and leather. 8 3/4 X 6 inches. Shipping is free.
kb-2017 Out of Stock -- Navajo Deer Dancer Kachina- Signed
The Deer Dancer Kachina was hand made by Ina James, a Navajo Native American. This kachina is decorated with white fur and leather and has deer antlers on his head. Deer Kachina belongs to the animal side and helps to make the rains come and the grass grow. Many Native American tribes believe that long ago, man and animal lived together and understood each other. The legend says that the animals understood that man needed to hunt them in order to survive. 8 3/4 inches tall and 2 1/4 inches wide.
Eagle Dancer by Jacida Loley
Shipping is Free
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kb-3004 Out of Stock -- Navajo Badger Kachina
Navajo Native American kachina artist, Albert Chavez made this beautifully carved and painted wood Badger kachina. The Badger Kachina is known for wisdom and the ability to cure the sick through prayer. This Kachina has the knowledge to grow roots and herbs used for healing. The artist used cloth, leather and feathers to decorate the Badger. 8"