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kb-31101 Out of Stock -- Chief Kachina Doll- Signed
The Chief Kachina doll was handmade and signed by Jacida Loley, Navajo kachina artist. It is decorated with feathers, leather and fur. The Chief Kachina represents great power through knowledge and learning. It is one of the most important kachinas for the Navajo and Hopi tribes. 14 inches tall.
kb-300029 Out of Stock -- Buffalo Hunter Kachina- Signed
Buffalo Hunter Kachina was handmade by Begay, a Navajo kachina artist. He is Decorated with leather and fur, and is wearing a dark orange suede leather outfit, while holding a drawn bow and arrow. He carries a shield on his arm. His shoulders and arms are covered with white fur and he has the traditional buffalo headress with horns on his head. The Buffalo Dancer is a protector and dances to assure that there will be adequate food for the winter. 9" tall and 6 inches wide.
kb-2019 SOLD--- Navajo Butterfly Dancer
The Butterfly Kachina Dancer was made and signed by Navajo Native American artist Ina James. It is decorated with leather, feathers and fur. She wears a white fur ruff around her neck. The tabletta on her head symbolizes rain clouds. The Butterfly Kachina brings together married men and women. Butterfly Kachinas appear as a pair during the butterfly social dance. Butterfly also directs the medicine man to ingredients in flowers and other plants which can be used in medicine. 7 3/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.
kb-300033 Out of Stock -- Kachina Dancer
The Antelope Dancer Kachina doll was made by Ina James, a Navajo kachina artist. Antelope dancers dance for the increase of the Antelope population, for abundant grass, and for ample food supplies in the year to come. Decorated with feathers and fur; he wears a white fur ruff around his neck, on top of his head and on the sides of his face. 8 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide.
kb-300030 Pawik Kachina
The Pawik Kachina Dancer doll was made and signed by a Navajo Indian Kachina artist M.C. The Duck (Pawik) is a kachina used to pray for rain or moisture and he appears in the Mixed Dances and the Kiva Dances early in the year. He is often danced in June when the need for water is great. This Pawik Kachina is made of wood and decorated with leather, feathers and white fur. 7 1/4 inches tall.
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kb-2011 Out of Stock -- Navajo Kachina
The Gray Mouse Kachina was created by Largo, a Navajo Native American. It is decorated with fur, feathers, and leather. He is wearing a white fur ruff around the neck and is holding a rattle. In the Hopi Indian legend of the Second Mesa, the Mouse Kachina is the hero who undertook the task to rid the village of the pesky chickenhawk. This he did by taunting the hawk and eventually tricking him into diving into a stake on the ground. The Mouse Kachina doll is 7 inches tall and 3~1/2 inches wide.
kb-30005 Out of Stock
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This gorgeous Ram Hopi Kachina was hand carved and painted by Hopi Native american artist Vincent Seckletstewa. It is a representation of the Ram kachina. This kachina is a very rare carving as it is infrequently seen in most kachina dances. _______________________ The kachina is superbly hand carved. It is made of cottonwood root, and has 2 Ram's Horns on the top of its head as well as the feather. It has the traditional Hopi style with a detailed skirt, carved arms and hands, and it can stands up on its two feet without a stand. ______________________ The kachina is signed with Vincent's name, on his right foot, and Hopi, and the date. It is 12 inches tall.
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